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Some QUALITY anime and manga pictures I have saved, just thought I’d share them with you all.

I’m crying

Beautiful, just beautiful. 

The Viking way of death



dear fucking tumblr

this is a fucking bumblebee


this is a fucking bee


this is a fucking hornet


this is a fucking wasp


as you can fucking see the longer their legs are and the less fuzzy they are is equivalent to how fucking evil they fucking are

I feel like I just watched a step by step pokemon evolution

Dear tumblr

All of these winged things are pollinators and extremely important to the environment. Bees are also an indicator species. 

Wasps are also a predatory insect, making them important for garden pest control, unlike bees. They are just as useful and important. There are many different kinds of wasps. Some, like paper wasps, are no more aggressive than bees. They will not bother you if you do not bother them. 

If wasps, particularly aggressive ones, have set up shop near your home, please consider hiring professionals who will remove and relocate these insects to a safe place, instead of killing them. 

Thank you.

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[TLA Flashback] Corset Talk: It’s Hip to Be Squishy

“‘Squishy,’ or, ‘compressible,’ if one wishes to be delicate about it, refers to the body’s natural ability to be reshaped by a corset.”

Image Credits: 

1. © Thomas Landon. Model: Victoria Dagger. Corset: Dark Garden

2. Model: Elisa Berlin. Corset: Pop Antique

3. Model: Ulorin Vex. Ensemble: Pop Antique. 

Please don’t remove the credits. 

Emergency Fundraising for a Bed




In addition to generally being so poor that I cannot meet all my needs, I have just had a serious expense thrown into my lap.

My mattress is infected with mold and cannot be saved. I have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor since august because I have no bed frame.

I am thus in need of

I threw out my mattress and there are about 8 kinds of exotic fungus growing underneath it. I didn’t take a photo of the mattress, but here is a picture of the carpet underneath. I’ve been sleeping on this bed since August/September. 

This photo is really washed out and does not due adequate justice to this abomination.

Situation Update

I have scrubbed the carpet, and I am currently sleeping on a cheap air mattress, held off the floor by boards, which I had to purchase yesterday in order to have any place to sleep at all. I ordered a bedframe out of my savings for $180 (ish), which should arrive this week. The frame was the most essential part, though, I’m still hoping that donations can refund me, as I need that money for rent very badly.

My plan is to purchase a mattress either on sale or from Goodwill, which will be entirely from donations rather than a re-imbursement of my savings, though I still expect to spend somewhere between $100 and $200 on it. 

I have currently raised $70. Anything you can give to help me, even just a dollar, is much appreciated. Every donation no matter how small will be thanked with a hand drawn picture from me. 

Send me an ask and I’ll give you my paypal address. 

Situation Update

My roommate purchased a dehumidifier today to deal with the mold problem, but it’s an instant migraine machine for me because of the noise the fan makes. If it’s not one problem it’s another right? 

In more bed-related news, I have raised $140 so far

Another $40 will reimburse me for the bedframe I ordered, allowing me to pay rent. Another $100-$150 will allow me to buy a used mattress at Goodwill (or similar establishment).

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! I have taken note of your art requests and made a list of them to work on. It may take me some time to get through them all, but rest assured that I will not forget about you :)

If anyone else would like to donate, even just a buck, sent me an ask and I’ll give you my paypal. Every little bit helps. 



do you ever have a plan for the day and suddenly it’s 4pm and you’ve achieved literally nothing 

I believe Douglas Adams and John Lloyd came up with a word for this feeling. image


Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 64 (1997) will be back in Mario Kart 8 (2014).

The destroyer of friendships


Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 64 (1997) will be back in Mario Kart 8 (2014).

The destroyer of friendships


A custom order for one of my most awesome customers :D not finished yet, I have some more embroidery to do and voila!Villena Viscaria Corsetry


A custom order for one of my most awesome customers :D
not finished yet, I have some more embroidery to do and voila!
Villena Viscaria Corsetry

To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:




Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.










well, this was… interesting.

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